We coordinate and create green and innovative business, base on circularity, sustainability and transparency. We build short, middle and long-term commercial relations between the different actors locally and internationally. Ethic and Professionalism are the essence of our daily activities.

Based on our scientific nature we develop research projects in the field of waste & residues, involving multi-sectorial entities in order to create commercial and environmental solutions. Our ideas and our “out of the box thinking” give us the right tools to adapt and evolve in this complex but interesting world.

Every service provided includes security and permanent monitoring from point A to point Z. There are not information gaps and we look always for the best reliable action to accomplish a positive result. We interact with the highest standards and we drive with them through the whole business chain.

CRODI prioritizes companies and institutions that work in the following areas:

1) Recycling companies
2) Agribusiness
3) Food Producers
4) Refineries of vegetable oils
5) Rendering Installations
6) Trading & Brokering companies
7) Biotechnology
8) Logistics and Transportation
9) Training and Education
10) Research Institutions
11) Renewable Energy